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Saturday, November 28, 2015


This year we had 16 people come over for Thanksgiving. I set up 3 tables and I had a couple of tablecloths that would white and one gold damask. I wasn't sure what I was going to use on the third table though and I'm not that thrilled with gold damask, but the color works for Thanksgiving and it was too traditional for me. (I'm kinda done with traditional.)

When I spotted this black & white table cover at Target $3.00, I knew it was just right. Bold, fun and contemporary for my house:
I know $3.00 isn't a very big spurge, but I'm sure I would have spent more if it was priced higher. It was 54" x 96". It is paper on top with a plastic backing. I had 3 tables to cover and I was sure this would only cover 2 tables, but what the hay.....First I laid the end of the table cover over the smaller 4' banquet table and cut it to fit so that I could wrap the edges under the table and tape with masking tape to the underside. I didn't really care what direction the pattern was going. I made the pumpkin centerpiece out of Ball canning lids by tying a bunch together. I stuck a twig in the middle and added a few leaves. It was so easy!

Then I laid the table cover over the 6' banquet table (for the younger adults) and cut off what was needed and taped up the underside as well.  I made the centerpiece by using a small glass vase and I cut off an artifical flower to place in the vase.

This left me with a strip of paper approx 16" wide by 66" long. So I thought why not a table runner? I used that piece on the main glass dining table!

I don't like using paper plates for holiday meals. I didn't have enough of my white Williams Sonoma 'Everyday' dishes for 16 people so I pulled out 8 of my Lenox china plates for my dining table. I'm sure your thinking that is crazy to use Lenox china with a paper table cover, but it worked. The kids and younger adults used the Williams Sonoma plates and us 'older' adults used the china.  :) Don't forget to put the crayons at each table too!

Now you wanta guess who did the most coloring?  Yes, you guessed it the 'older' adults!  Hah!

Ever hear of a pink & purple pumpkin? Me neither, but I like it!

I used my IKEA bowl for the centerpiece. I thought about buying fresh flowers, but they are expensive and to spend $30 for one day just didn't seem right to me. I bought the group of 4 gourds at the grocery store  cost less than $5.00. Why not go with the cheaper centerpiece? (I added a pear because I wanted 5 pieces...when I took my interior design classes they always said to use odd numbers in design so I did.)

This so much that I am thankful for...Health, Family, My home, Work, My three Grandchildren and My beautiful Daughters. I am so blessed! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did!

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