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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Having FUN with Mosaics!

Just started to get interested in making my own Mosaics! I love the ocean and decided to make one with ocean inspired colors/objects using mostly sea glass with glass babbles, seashells, etc. I free- lanced my own design, but you could search on google for your own image.

I bought the frame at Michaels. It is metal frame/with chain (Comes with 2 pcs of glass,but you won't need both pieces of'll use one side/piece of glass.) Having a frame with hanging chain was perfect for this project!

You can trace a pattern onto plain white paper by putting your under your glass (I would not recommend sliding between both pieces of glass, because it would make it hard to get out after your pieces are glued down.) It might help if you tape your pattern in place with painters tape.

Example of traced paper. You can make a drawing with the colors of beads, etc. that you want to use (this was my nieces idea).

Gather your sea glass, beads and baubles (or whatever you are using):

Now all you have to do is glue down your sea glass, shells, beads, etc. I used E6000 glue. Put a dot of glue onto the glass/or plexiglass first, then place your piece of sea glass, bead, shell, etc down on it. Be careful not to move the piece. It will take a few minutes to set up.  After you are done gluing all the pieces down, keep it laying flat and let it dry overnight. Note: This glue will ooze out if you are not careful and can drip onto your plexi and get very messy! I put the lid back on after each dot of glue was squeezed onto the plexi. It took more time to do this, but it was so worth avoiding a mess with glue! Also, make sure you buy the tube of E6000 with this type of tip so you won't squeeze out more than you need. It is possible to rub the glue away with your fingers after it has set up some too.

My 10 year old grandson did this one on clear plexiglass/acrylic. Such a sweet mosaic of the mountains and ocean! See the sun?  We are going to drill holes at the top left and right corners and hang this in his room.

My 8 year old great niece proudly showed off her masterpiece done on acrylic/plexiglass.

Here is another project I started using sea glass and a starfish. I found this idea on a website...

Website photo lower right. I honestly don't remember where I found these, but they will all make fun projects with sea glass. I thought that I would put a mat on it like they did, but after I finished gluing down the pieces, I kind of like the white plexiglass as a mat! 

Click HERE for the link to Amazon to order 12 x 12 white opaque plexiglass, 
Using painters tape, measure in about 2 1/2 inches all around and place your painter tape. I didn't want to mark the plexi, because I wasn't sure if a pencil mark would come off so I just used the ruler as a guide.

I plan on adding a 12 x 12 white frame, but for now it is sitting in my bathroom window and though this photo turned out so dark, trust looks pretty good!

I found this frame at Joann Fabrics. It is a float frame with 2 pieces of glass. The acrylic piece will fit in there just perfectly! There are 'turnbuckles' in the back that will remove a thin piece of square wood that holds the 2 pieces of glass in. Just remove the wood 'frame' and glass and insert your acrylic.

What could be better than dreaming of the ocean?

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