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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nail Polish Art

Nail Polish ArtThis is a fun project that I found while cruising the internet...I couldn't find the exact post, but there are a few of them out there with the same basic here or here....I made a few of these and later my daughter came over and we made more....Fun!


1. A old pan or shallow container.
2. Three different colors of Nail Polish that you are attracted to.
3. Watercolor paper. I used some that I already had on hand.
4. Frame(s)

How to:

Get a container (something that you don't mind getting nail polish on!) to hold about an inch or so of cold water. This was from a Rubbermaid container (I have 2 of these that laid on top of wrapping paper.)

Find 3 colors of nail polish that you like.

Now pour a little of each color onto the top of the water

Quickly take a piece of heavy watercolor paper. (You could cut to your exact size to fit your frame.) Lay on top for just a couple of seconds.

Pick up the paper holding by the far edge and lay it down on paper towels or rags. I found that you really can only get 2-3 good 'prints' before the nail polish dissipates.

(Note: the print in the foreground was dipped in the 3 or 4th time around and did not turn out as good. I threw that one out.)

Let dry overnight. 

I found these white frames on sale at Michaels Arts & Crafts awhile back. I used these for smaller prints.

I also found the frames mentioned in one of the blogs that you can buy at Walmart. These frames are $4 (10 x 13), but didn't come with a mat. That is why I suggest you cut your art to size and then you can just center the art on top of white paper in the frame.

I didn't plan for these to go so well with my existing art on the other wall, but you can tell I like Aqua and Blues!