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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who Doesn't Love Gingerbread Houses?

Who loves gingerbread houses? I do! Here are some of my favorite Gingerbread Houses.

This gingerbread house was made by my grandson a couple Christmas's ago (2012).  He was 7 years old. Grandma helped a lot :)

This was made by my grandson the same year at his home.

My granddaughter and her gingerbread house in 2002...

My niece made this one with her daughter (2013). She got the kit at Trader Joe's. Pretty cool.

How about the worlds largest gingerbread village? Click HERE

What about Three Designer-Worthly Gingerbread Houses?  Love. Click HERE

This one was made by my grandson this year (2014). Pretty special if you ask me.

This one is fun!

How about a Martha Stewart Downton Abbey Gingerbread house...I mean castle. Click HERE
Click HERE for a video of the making of Gingerbread Abbey.

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