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Monday, March 17, 2014

They Came, They Saw and They bought...A Day at an AUCTION

My parents used to go to auctions all the time. I remember when I was visiting my parents with my husband and two girls they invited us to go to an auction with them. They joked around and told me to be careful and not scratch your head or put your hand up in the air or you've bought it!  That was so many years ago.  Last summer I noticed signs near my house advertising an auction. I knew I had to go! It was a good old fashioned auction....but, alas! I had to leave before I could bid on what I had my eye on...can you believe that?! I found out the "story" behind this auction. A lady who identifed herself as the "niece" said her aunt left the cabin 'as is' 15 years ago and never went back. The cabin is located in Colorado in the rocky mountains...

I wanted this little book. I did't know what for, but it looked old and well....orderly. I do like orderly.

It's not very often that you would see a stove like this at an auction! What a treasure for somebody.

Cute little teabag holders...

I wanted the one in the foreground...a real pretty soft teal.

I wanted one of these bells...all of the bells since it was a lot. They reminded me of grade school.

 Pretty neat old print in an ornate frame (sorry for my shadow)...I'm a picture framer so if I could had stayed, I would had bought this for sure  :)

Various things..Not sure what the two are in the you?

Wow! Lots of saws....some antiques.

Many wagon wheels

Yikes! I mean Yokes! Among other things...You name it...

Antique wagon wheels, hand mower, etc.

Lots of rugs...braided and needlepoint!

Antique pottery

Something for eveybody...old washboards, etc. Did I mention that the cabin is for sale too? I think the niece should have left her name and number with me. I could sell this cabin for her!

Many quilts were auctioned off. Some good, some not so good.

A brief video

Antique wall phone

Inside the cabin. It was in perfect condition.

One of several old cook stoves......

My number. I didn't get anything. Drat!

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