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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Craft Room of My Own!

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~ Charles Eames

This is my beautiful new craft room! I'm slowly getting it done...piece by piece...


I finally got rid of the guest bed that is only slept in maybe 3 times a year. I deperately needed my space to sew and do crafts. No more stuff all over the dining room table for days on end and I had several Rubbermaid plastic boxes just full of quilting and sewing fabric. I was tired of moving plastic boxes around just to find a certain color/pattern of fabric.

First I had to get rid of everything in the room! I moved out the queen size bed, dresser and nightstand. 

My first piece: An used 8 drawer metal dresser. The colors of the dresser just were not going to work.

This IKEA Expedit black/brown bookcase cubby was my 2nd purchase. I bought it at IKEA. I know. Messy huh? But by this time, I was pulling out stuff and putting it in one spot.

The first paint color was just not dark enough so I 
repainted the entire room with "Graceful Gray" by Behr. How crazy is that?!! But it was totally worth it.

I found the matching desk on Craigslist. I'm cheap, 
but I'm on a budget and it is just a craftroom! The desk is a little scuffed up, but I can touch it up.


Now look! I added the top smaller bookcase on top. They always say if you have a small footprint...go up! (Attached securely to the wall and the lower bookcase I might add). The little white framed mirrors are from IKEA. I bought the large sunflowers from Pier 1 about 3 years ago.
The large mercury silver ball (on the left) is from Pottery Barn. The mercury silver owl and pumpkin were from Kohls. I think I will store my mercury Christmas tree collection there as well.

West Elm chair (on right) in Espresso:

My small collection of Mercury glass. Large Ball (on left) is from Pottery Barn. The Owl and Pumpkin were from Kohls.

Still no baseboard in this room. Maybe someday.

This Lekman box from IKEA is sturdy and works great!

So does the fabric Drona Box from IKEA. Make sure you support it from the bottom.

And the drawer inserts....

Now a chair for my sewing table:

I saw this chair on the side of the road for trash pickup. I stopped and quickly put one of them in my trunk.  I removed the seat and saved for later. I sprayed the chair in a gloss spray paint by Rust-oleum called Seaside. Later I added a clear coat made by Rust-oleum to protect the finish.

Recovering the Seat

  1. First I removed the bottom cover piece. There were many staples!
  2. That took me to the next layer..the piping was stapled on as well (with a million staples.)  I saved all of the old pieces for a pattern. That was the gross part! 
  3. Final layer taken off....
  4. I cut out a new piece of plywood (with my hubby's help) using the old plywood as a pattern.
  5. I bought a package of chair foam at JoAnn Fabrics. It was 'on sale' for $8.99. Not too bad.
  6. I traced the plywood seat onto the foam and allowed a couple inches extra all around so the foam could roll over the edge.
  7. Using an electric knife, I cut into the side of the foam up to the plywood outline on the foam.
  8. I then cut straight down into the foam on the plywood outline marking. Try to only allow the tip of the electric knife into the foam so you don't go all the way down into the foam. I discarded this piece.
  9. Lay the plywood on top of the wrong side of the fabric and allow a good 4-5" of the fabric and cut out the fabric. Lay foam on top of the plywood and then center the fabric on top of the foam. Staple the back side in the middle with a couple of staples about 1 1/2" apart. Staple the opposite side (front) with a couple more staples about 1 1/2" apart. Now do the same thing on each side. Now on the back side add a staple on each side of the previous staples. Go to the front and do the same thing. Continue on to the sides. Repeat this until you get to the corners. Try to stretch the fabric evenly over the rounded cover and staple in place.                                  

Finished chair. It was a lot of work, but worth it! (Note: I later repainted the chair to "Aqua" instead of "Seaside".)

I bought a dark brown convertible sofa that 
can be made into a full size bed (for guests)

I made these pillows for the convertible sofa...

             I bought this metal dresser on 
Craigslist for $85.00

And because I didn't care for the colors of the drawers, I changed them to cool 'ocean' colors and that makes me happy.

I couldn't find all of the colors I wanted in Rusteolum's Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X, except for White and Seaside. This worked the best.

1. Rusteolum Touch Ultra Cover 2X "Seaside"
2. Krylon "Catalina Mist"
3. Rusteolum Touch Ultra Cover 2X "Aqua"
4. Rusteolum Touch Ultra Cover 2X "White" (not shown)

 I tried "Exotic Sea" by Valspar. (This paint did not cover as well as the    others.)

Loving the colors so far. In this photo, I still 
needed to paint 2 drawers in "Catalina Mist"

The shelf with mirrors and framed fabrics pieces was an idea 
I found on Craftaholics Anonymous

I bought an unfinished shelf at Hobby Lobby. I sanded it smooth and used tack cloth to remove all dust. I bought Minwax stain at Home Depot called Espresso. It had the the finish coat built in so I thought I would try it...

This is how the shelf looked after only one coat. I was a bit skeptical at first until the 2nd coat seemed to make it look better. Would I use it again? Probably not. I'm just not used to having the finish being mixed in with the stain, but it was 'just a shelf' so it worked.

I found this white Expedit IKEA bookcase from Craigslist. It came with the doors. I bought the inserts (Lekman box) from IKEA. The yellow boxes were from IKEA as well. I'm always looking for more storage! I keep my acrylic paints in the yellow boxes. I also collect corks. To the left is my sewing table. It has a white laminated top and a metal frame with casters underneath.

Okay, I have to admit I'm OCD. I have to have everything in its place. I'm still not able to do hardly any crafts until this room is finished. Teehee!  

I found the signage (on right) at CB2. 

I'm a designer, an artist and a picture framer. I needed a place to put framed and canvas pieces. I bought these white shelf ledges at (guess where?) IKEA! Because my wall is a little less than 45" wide, I bought two 21" shelfs and put them on the wall end to end. It works great.

Now I think I'm ready to do some crafting. Unless, I think of something else to add. :)

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