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Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Noodles

My Mom made homemade noodles when I was growing up.  Whenever I want to make something down to earth and very comforting, I make homemade noodles.  They really aren't that hard to make:

Turkey or chicken
celery (optional)

6-7 eggs
approx 4 cups flour
dash baking powder
dash salt


Boil turkey or chicken to make stock and cook until done. I would use 2 chicken breasts because I don't like dark meat.  Add 1/2 chopped onion and celery.

Beat eggs.  Gradually add 3 1/2 cups flour.  You might not need all of the flour so just add to eggs mixture until it is easy to make into a ball.  Roll ball out on a floured surface until it is real thin.  Now roll up like you would cinnamon rolls. Cut into 1/4" slices (Make sure you cut on a cutting board.)  Unravel noodles loosely and lay out on floured surface to dry for about 2 hours.

Put all noodles and flour into boiling stock and cook noodles until done.

BTW: If you don't have one, flour sifters are so essential!


  1. my mom and me made these a lot as well we even made them with my cousins. I am trying to made them myself. i only made them once on my own but mom helped a little. She just recently passed away so i sorta forgot one of the ingredients but this helped me remember thanks.-Ashley(28yrsold) oh one ,more thing mom found a faster way to cut them she rolled the dough out them used a pizza cutter the cut the strips.

    1. I'm glad I was able to help! So sorry about your Mom. I lost mine several years ago. I still miss her so much. I LOVE the pizza cutter idea!

    2. glad you like the idea. And i am sorry about you mom as well. getting ready to made the noodles now.